Emirates Cheer League (ECL) is a recreational cheerleading organization that promotes youth and adult cheer programs across the United Arab Emirates.

Emirates Cheer League

My daughter has just joined the Emirates Cheer League.  She tends to be quite shy, quiet, and is not extremely active (although she loves to dance).  I have always been looking for a way to add more movement into her week.  I loved the idea of her joining cheerleading, especially with the experienced and professional coaches, but was very pessimistic that she would attend or even finish the first trial session.  To my surprise, Shylah was hooked after the first class.  She loves all the coaches, and comes out of class excited, energetic and looking forward to the next class.  I love seeing the team feeling they are building with the girls, and how the older girls mentor the younger ones.  I am so thrilled she has found something she loves to do, and I am so thankful for the supportive way that Kerry, Madeline and Brittany work with the girls.  Thank you!


- Anu

Emirates Cheer League has been such a blessing to my daughter. She is someone who is bubbly and energetic so it's a perfect fit for her. In the year since she's joined her confidence and willingness to take risk has increased. I have also seen completely shy girls step out of their comfort zone.

Coach Kerry has raised the level of cheer in the UAE when she put the girls on stage and gave them the opportunity to Cheer during the Special Olympics last year. The girls were so compassionate and gelled beautifully with the Special Olympics teams.

I'm excited to see what's in store this year.


- Happy Cheer Mom

Just wanted to let you know how much my daughter is enjoying cheerleading. She comes home after every practice full of energy. She can’t wait to tell us how much fun she’s having, how great you all are and how much she really loves cheerleading!!

A massive thank you,

- Amanda